Netflix streaming hookup

how to stream netflix to your tv without tearing your hair out

We understand - a new device may be more of an investment than you want to make while you're deciding if Netflix is right for you. The good news is that Netflix is available on hundreds of devices - you might already have something to watch on.

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Do you have a major game console? Do you own a Chromecast or Apple TV?

How Does Netflix Work?

If you aren't looking for a new TV, you still have plenty of options. If you don't already have a compatible device, streaming media players are widely available and let you access services like Netflix from any TV. Or, if you're thinking of getting a new Blu-ray player, make sure to choose one that supports Netflix.

The Hook Up Plan: Season 1 (Trailer)

Have gamers in the house? Netflix is available on all major game consoles as well. Netflix Help Center Help.

How can I watch Netflix on my TV?

Does my TV have the Netflix app? What if my TV doesn't have a Netflix app? I'm trying Netflix for the first time, I'm not sure I want to buy a new device. Want to contact us? Start Live Chat Before you chat You can buy these from just about any electronics store and have your Netflix streaming through your TV in no time.

One thing to be aware of when connecting your laptop to your TV via HDMI is the screen and audio settings on your computer. Then, open your internet browser, sign into the Netflix website and you will be good to go! Connecting Netflix to your TV is much easier if you have a Smart TV because there is no need for additional cords or finding a stand for your laptop. First things first you need to connect your Smart TV to the internet.

App requirements

Most Smart TVs connect via an Ethernet port, which allows you to connect them directly to your router or WiFi network. Then, on your Smart TV, check your main menu to see if you can run streaming apps.

Some remotes even have a button to launch these apps with the click of a button. Open apps on your screen, and navigate around until you can select Netflix — which should be pre-set as an option on your Smart TV. Depending on the brand of Smart TV the apps may be located in different areas but most Smart TVs have a menu with recently accessed or popular apps ready as soon as the TV comes on.

As you can see Netflix is pretty easy to set up and watch on your TV. By using Netflix you are joining millions of people around the world who enjoy watching movies, TV shows and so much more. Keep in mind, the streaming media industry is growing very fast.

Netflix allows subscribers to watch movies and shows at their own pace, rather than having to watch on a schedule, like with traditional cable and pay TV.