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Naughty dice associate numbers with certain acts that you have to perform to your partner. To play, write out body parts and actions on a larger sheet of paper and number them accordingly.

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  • For example, you may roll the dice and get a one and a seven. If one corresponds to "kiss" and seven to "neck" on the sheet, that's what you have to do. Role playing allows you to get to know another side of your partner and encourages you to break out of your routine. Play a game you both enjoy but heat things up by removing clothing when one partner reaches a certain number of points, sinks a battleship, etc.

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    One person is blindfolded and the other uses a mystery body part to massage their partner. The partner has to guess which body part it is. Put out a tarp or sheet of plastic and paint each other's bodies with chocolate syrup, whipped cream, or whatever else you can find.

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    Then take things into the bathroom where you can shower together. Take off your shirts and use your fingers to "write" short notes or "draw" pictures on each other's backs. See who can guess the message or picture in the shortest amount of time.

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    Grab a bowl or a hat. Take a few pieces of paper and write down a fantasy on each one. Keep yours secret from his and don't peek at his, either. Fold them up, put them into the bowl or hat, and take turns drawing them out and doing whatever they say.

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    You may want to set boundaries before you start writing so each partner knows what the other is comfortable with. Leave notes and clues around the house, starting with the front door. You'll have to have plenty of time to prepare before he gets home because the secret prize is you, in bed with sexy lingerie on!

    If you both enjoy poetry, you can go through old magazines and cut out interesting words, put them in a pile in the center, and each create a naughty love poem. Romantic games for couples online encourage communication, test your relationship, and give you a fun way to interact at home or on the go. Truth or Dare is an old middle school classic that still serves a purpose well into adulthood.

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    You and your partner can relive your teenage years together by playing a game of Truth or Dare online for free. To start, you choose your category. Born from mid s Catching a loss in the specified situation DM: A relationship that has no label on it — like a friendship but more than a friendship but not quite a relationship. Wanting to build something with someone with the initial basis of an Instagram post or Snapchat video is questionable in itself, but do we care?

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    People have a weird obsession with wanting to find the one, and when they do, an even weirder obsession with wanting to have options. It is extremely imperative to make sure you can be alone and happy , before you can be happy with someone else. Millenials as a whole, maybe we should start practicing what we preach…but I mean hey, why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free right?